New Scotland, New Culture?

Summerhall plays host to another Greenlight event on Feb 7th. This time we have our sights trained on culture.

Whatever the outcome of the referendum in 2014, Scotland is changing.

What is the role of culture in Scotland, now and in the future?
What can politicians and the state do to support culture and the arts while guaranteeing creative freedom?
As Scotland’s democracy evolves, should we seek to redefine what culture means in a national and international context?

Claire Askew (poet, editor and educator) @OneNightStanzas
Andrew Patrizio (art historian and curator) @Scovulture
Andrew Eaton-Lewis (arts journalist and music advocate) @aeatonlewis
Fraser MacDonald (writer, historical geographer) @JAFMacDonald

This event is a collaboration between the cultural and social journalism project, the Scottish Green Party’s Greenlight participation initiative and National Collective.

Book your tickets on the Summerhall website.

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