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As a member of Edinburgh Greens, you’ll be joining the largest and most active branch of the Scottish Green Party.

With nearly 2,000 members, eight councillors and two MSPs, we work to share our vision of a fairer, Greener, more welcoming Edinburgh and Scotland, and as a member you can help us to deliver that vision.

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Branch Meetings

20151029_212523We hold our Edinburgh branch meetings on the fourth Thursday of most months (click here for details of the next one). We try to keep the topics varied and interactive, with time for group discussion which can sometimes feed into motions to take to conference.

Topics at our recent branch meetings have included the Climate Emergency, Brexit, Modern Monetary Theory, City Centre Transformation Plans and a local food strategy for Edinburgh.

Some of our branch meetings are open to all, while some are members-only. We always like to see new members at our branch meetings, and committee members are always available before the start of each event to welcome you and answer any questions.


The Scottish Greens hold conferences every Spring and Autumn, and all members from throughout Scotland are welcome to attend them – you don’t have to be a delegate from a branch. Unlike other political parties, policies are not imposed on the membership with the conference merely acting as a rubber-stamp exercise – all of our motions are written by members and everyone at the conference gets an equal vote.

The Autumn Conference is our yearly gathering where we deal with all the business of the Scottish Green Party. Members hear speeches from invited guests, vote on Conference Motions and Policy Motions, and hold the AGM. Normally taking place over two days, the Conference offers an opportunity for socialising and renewing friendships, and swapping ideas with members from other branches.

The Spring Conference is normally a more informal, one-day session, where members think through some policy topics and to see if the Party can improve on these policies or even to develop a whole new policy, which may inform our thinking during the next Autumn Conference.

Our Committee

The Edinburgh Greens AGM takes place every 12 months. Members can bring motions to the AGM, stand for election to the Edinburgh Committee and/or become involved in a Working Group.

The Edinburgh Committee runs the branch and provides liaison between the members and our elected representatives, and the general political direction of the branch. See the current Edinburgh branch committee here.

If you’d like to contact the committee,  please email our co-conveners:

Other Formal Roles

As a member of the Scottish Green Party, you’re entitled to stand for election for any party role. You can see the structure of the Scottish Greens here, along with the roles which make up each committee and working group.


The Scottish Greens have special interest groups which you may wish to join – the Scottish Young Greens, the Women’s Network, Rainbow Greens and the Disabled Network. The groups don’t cost anything extra to join, and have additional meetings and discussions forums. You’ll be asked when joining the party whether you want to be part of these groups.  There are also other groups you can join once a member, such as the Trade Union Group, Friends of Palestine, Faith for Greens and many more.

Access To Documents

As a member, you’ll have access to the Members Area of our website, which includes key documents for the running of the Party. As well as minutes of meetings and AGM reports, you’ll also find:

  • The Scottish Green Party Constitution. Details the aims and legality of the Party.
  • Policy Reference Document. A catalogue of SGP policy, derived from motions passed at conferences.
  • The Green Book. A compilation of Party procedures and rules.