Paint a Room

Winning Bid: £75.00

Have your room painted – the more you bid, the more can be painted. More details below.

Item condition: New


If you supply the paint that you’d like, I’ll paint your room. The more you bid, the longer I’ll paint for! I’ll charge a minimum of £50 per day. For guidance:

  • 1.5 days – 15m² straight-forward walls with skirting
  • 2 days – small landing with stairs
  • 2.5 to 3 days – large kitchen

I will do all the necessary preparations, and will bring my own brushes, rollers, paint sheets, ladders, sandpaper, filler etc.

Although I am not a professional painter, I have over 40 years experience of painting. I have a very good grasp of health and safety over a range of issues, including in relation to painting and other practical matters.

I will paint a room anywhere in Edinburgh.

Kindly donated by Martin McNaughton

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