Bags, buckets and beavers

There was a fantastic turnout to the first of the Water of Leith Conservation Trust’s spring clean ups at the weekend just past. The trust counted 84 helpers, including the 100th Pentland Beaver Scouts and their parents.

Although not as numerous or as noisy as the beavers my own local green team put in a good showing with Ben 1, Ben 2, Charlie, Clare, Oscar, Dave, Helen and Guy all donning gloves and getting down and dirty on the river bank between Slateford and Gorgie Roads.

Dozens of bags of rubbish were collected plus a lorry tyre, shopping trolley and the usual traffic cones and road traffic signs. Guy found a full, if rather dishevelled, bottle of Cointreau…

It is hard to spend any time picking up rubbish like this, without ruminating on the deficiencies of our species, which can discard so much rubbish so carelessly. But also that some of the businesses on the Longstone side of the river could take a bit more pride in their own local area. The north east side of Inglis Green Road is lined with businesses, from Booker to local pubs and restaurants. And a soon-to-be Sainsburys where B&Q once stood. That side of the river is where most of the rubbish seemed to gather. Would it be hoping too much that those businesses take more care of their own backyards? Perhaps, once it is up and running, we can ask the new Sainsburys to set an example that others can follow.

For more information about river clean ups go to Water of Leith Conservation Trust