David Murray and the SNP

What are we to make of David Murray’s backing for the SNP at the weekend?

Alison JohnstoneFrom his high profile time in charge of Rangers FC – for many the establishment club in Scotland – he has been something of a target for many left-minded people in Scotland; or, at least, those who also care about football.

His association with Rangers is neither here nor there for me.  (In passing, I am more concerned about Sir David’s role in the Waverley Market site in central Edinburgh, which the City Council has now, at long last, conceded to be common good land).

My present point is about Murray’s motivation.  This is a man who joined the small band of no-voters in 1997 ‘s devolution referendum and who publicly backed the Tories in the 2010 Westminster election.  Lots of SNP activists I know will find him an uncomfortable companion.

So could it be that the thing which the Conservatives most want to avoid is a Labour-led Scottish Government, with a platform to attack aggressive UK cuts? It suits the UK Government to have the SNP doing its bidding in Holyrood, hemmed in by big business backers like Murray and Brian Soutar and therefore unwilling to look at progressive ways of investing in public services.

Of course, time may tell whether Labour would be any better (its years in government are not a good omen). But one thing is for sure: a bigger group of Green MSPs in May, standing on a platform for investment in public services can only strengthen the case for alternatives to cuts.