Early and Often

Donate early, donate often

These are important times for the Edinburgh green party, in just 10 months we’ll hopefully be seeing 2 Lothians MSPs taking there place at Holyrood. We shouldn’t under estimate the amount of work or money it’s going to take to make that happen. For a small party we’re good at the hard work part. But this blog isn’t about the hard work, it’s about the money.

Greens are proud to have a party that isn’t bankrolled by big business. Our donations are generally pretty small and come from our members and supporters. That’s people like you, and people like me putting our hands in our pockets and chucking a bit in the pot. If it came to a choice I think I’d rather have lots of small donations, from people who believe in us, than one big one. Of course, that means we have to find lots of small donations!

When it comes to election time I’ll probably respond to call for donations, but I’m not rich and I probably won’t be able to spare more than £40 in one hit. What I can do though is pay a little bit each month – and over time I know it’ll add up.

What I’ve done, and what I’m asking you to do is set up a standing order now for a small amount each month. £3 or £5 would be great. If we all give a little bit, we can meet our targets. And then come election time we’ll be able to plan a great campaign and see those green MSPs elected.

If you want to help Greens succeed in Edinburgh maybe now’s the time to act.

Convinced? Go to our donate page and download a form now