Edinburgh Co-convenors: the final few days of the election

We’re heading into the final few days before the election. After months (years?) of work, we now have just a few days more to chap on doors, set up stalls, share Facebook posts and tell everyone we know to vote Green on May 5th and win us the Greenest Scottish Parliament ever!

We can only wait till May 6th to find out what percentage we’ll get, and how many Green MSPs we’ll elect to Holyrood, but we do know that we’ve run an election we can be really proud of. We’ve delivered thousands of newsletters, spoken to hundreds of people on doorsteps, and held street stalls across the city. Alison, Andy and our other list candidates have spoken at events and hustings across the city (over 80 at the last count!) spreading the Green message and talking about our progressive tax policies, our commitment to provide decent homes, care and jobs for everyone, and our unwavering commitment to banning fracking.

Nationally, we’re finally getting the recognition we deserve as a major party in Scotland, and have seen Patrick Harvie and Maggie Chapman, our party co-convenors, do us proud on TV. We have produced far and away the most professional, well researched and linked up manifesto we’ve ever had, and made it available in far more accessible formats to ensure it is available to more people. The platform we are standing on this year demonstrates a clear vision for the sort of society we want to live in, and its a vision that a lot of people can get behind. More and more people are seeing that for a better Scotland we need a bolder Holyrood, and that voting Green is the way to get that.

As Co-convenors of the branch, it’s been absolutely fantastic to see the huge range and quantity of activity that’s been happening across the region – to be canvassed by a member you’ve never met, and see #greenwindaes in every ward is a fantastic feeling. The Lothian campaign team and in particular our brilliant Regional Campaign Coordinator Gillian have done an incredible job, as have activists across the Lothians.

If you’ve been meaning to get involved but haven’t quite managed it yet, please consider giving a couple of hours of your time in the coming week. We have thousands of eve-of-poll cards to be delivered, reminding folk to vote Green. There will be canvassing sessions every evening and stalls and leafletting to be done throughout the day on the 5th. If that isn’t your bag, there are plenty of other things you can do to help including donating to our campaign to help us make the most of the final week.

We know it can be uncomfortable to talk politics sometimes, but if you think that getting more Green MSPs in Holyrood would help us towards a better Scotland, please tell your friends! Lots of folk won’t even have decided who to vote for on the list yet, and a word, text, Facebook message from you might make all the difference. There is no doubt that direct word-of-mouth from people you know is a powerful influencing factor in many people’s decision to vote, and ensuring a good turn-out on the day of people inclined to vote Green will be crucial for us.

So here’s a huge thank you to everyone who’s helped with the campaign so far, and a thank you in advance for the coming week. The aching calf muscles, paper cuts, Facebook spamming and early mornings will all be worth it to show people in the Lothians that we need a #GreenHolyrood.

Once it is all over, it will be time to celebrate! We’ll be at Akva on Fountainbridge from 8pm on Saturday 7th for a post-election social – all members, volunteers, friends and family welcome. See you there!

Oh, and don’t forget to vote on Thursday…

Alys and Phyl

Edinburgh Branch Co-convenors