The finishing straight

As a competitive athlete, it was always drilled into me the need to accelerate to the finishing line.  

That’s just as true in political campaigns as in running. As the race to Holyrood has progressed the Greens have been gathering pace, while most other parties have been losing ground.  Our poll ratings have gradually risen and the response on stalls, at hustings and around the houses has been very warm.  Even among those who are not instinctive Green supporters there’s a recognition of the value of an enhanced Green voice in the next parliament.

That is why it is so important that we accelerate to the line.  And that is why I am so grateful for what all of our supporters have been doing over the last few days.   Edinburgh is plastered in “2nd Vote Green” posters on lamp-posts.  Some finished at 3am on Saturday; others started at 5am the same day.

Our stall on Princes Street with the irrespressible Robin Harper attracted huge support and I even had time to gather my thoughts on Saturday night for the #AskAlison session, giving the opportunity to put questions to me on Twitter.  Thanks for all the questions that came in! The ones on policy were fine.  The one on tea-cakes was tricky!

Over the next 3 days we are delivering tens of thousands of “Vote cards”, reminding people of the importance of that Green vote on the second, peach ballot paper.  Our student members are delivering a special student card to halls of residences and student flats. I’ve still got some events to do and we’ll be targeting voters in key locations.  As for election day itself: some interesting plans but wait and see!

I am sure my former coaches would agree that we are coming off the last bend ready to overtake and sprint to the line.