Green councillors support public ownership of Lothian Buses

Nigel Bagshaw on behalf of Green councillors restates support for continued public ownership of Lothian Buses, after suggestions – which appear to be based on a misreading of the proposals – that there may be moves to privatise the company.

At the August meeting of the council’s Transport Committee, Greens sought and received assurances that there were no such privatisation moves, that any such moves would require a change in legislation, and that the Labour- SNP capital coalition which runs Edinburgh Council does not support privatisation.

Greens also tabled an amendment to the report to ensure that any decisions on the future relationship between Lothian Buses and the umbrella body Transport for Edinburgh must come back to Transport Committee for decision by elected, accountable councillors, and that any decision will be made in the public domain. Since Greens have been crystal clear that we will fight tooth and nail against any privatisation moves, this ensures that if any party does seek to privatise Lothian Buses in future, they must do so publicly, and in the face of determined Green opposition.

Greens supported the overall report on developing the relationship between Transport for Edinburgh and Lothian Buses, since we support moves towards an integrated public transport system that promotes walking, cycling and public transport.

Anyone who has any questions about the issue is welcome to contact me as Edinburgh Greens transport spokesperson on or 0131 529 3291