Next Branch Meeting: AGM on 27 February

The Edinburgh Branch AGM will take place on Thursday 27 February 2014 at 7.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace (above Victoria Street), Edinburgh. All members are warmly invited.

We aim to deal with formal business quickly and efficiently to leave plenty of time for a presentation on our campaign in the 2014 European Parliament Election.

The Edinburgh Branch elects two leaders every year – one male and one female.  These joint leaders, or co-conveners, chair and support the branch committee which is responsible for organising campaigns, growing and developing membership and running election campaigns amongst many other duties.

In 2013/14 the branch has been without a female co-convener.  As with many other aspects of the Scottish Green Party, gender balance is of great importance in ensuring that equality is at our heart.  Female branch members are therefore encouraged to consider standing for the position of co-convener (and indeed for the other positions on the committee).

Both the male and female co-convener roles are open for nominations.  Below are the experiences of two previous co-conveners, explaining the role and what it meant to them.

“I was co-convener for two years from 2007 – 2008.  It was a great learning experience and really helped build up my confidence.  If you are thinking of being a candidate in the future, this is a great place to start.   I learned  first hand how elections work and how to run election campaigns.

“People management is a huge and rewarding part of the job, and you have the chance to get to know other Greens on a very different level working together on campaigns and elections.  On the other hand you need to learn to be thick skinned, which is also a necessary skill for anyone interested in politics!”

– Cllr Melanie Main

“I was co-convener for a couple of years in the run up to the first STV local elections in 2007 and although it was a massive undertaking, I found it an incredibly rewarding experience, particularly since we successfully elected our first councillors.  The role is what you make it.”

– Cara Gillespie



Light refreshments served throughout



1 Welcome

2 Minutes of last meeting

3 Reports: Branch Committee; MSP; Councillors; Local Teams; Accounts

4 Election of new office bearers (see below)

5 Any Motions to be discussed (see below)




Nominations for the following posts on the branch committee are now open.

• Female co-convenor

• Male co-convenor

• Vice Convenor

• Secretary

• Treasurer

• Membership Secretary

• Elections Officer

• Fundraising Officer

• External Communications Officer

• Policy Officer

• Campaigns Officer

• Up to 4 Ordinary Members

If you want to nominate yourself or get more details about what is involved please contact You can also nominate yourself, in person, at the AGM. You will need a proposer and seconder.



If you have any motions please send them to The final deadline for motions is the start of the meeting but it would be very helpful to get them by a week before (20 February).



Presentation – The Road To Europe

We will be hearing from the European Election Campaign group on their preparations for the May election and how members can get involved.