View from the No.41

From the No. 41 bus this morning I notice that our City Council has installed bike parking hoops along George IV Bridge. Great…  Unfortunately they seem also to have raided a Dalek nursery, gouged out their antennae and stuck them along the pavement.  Shame.  Presumably the intention is to stop vehicles parking on the pavement, breaking the slabs and causing expensive pavement repairs.  The bike hoops are far more aesthetically pleasing, take up less pavement width and do the same job anyway.  But then logic and saving unnecessary expense isn’t our council’s strongest attribute.

On to Princes Street now – I’ve got bored checking if the faulty tram lines have got worse. The appalling mismanagement of the trams project will continue to be an issue until a public inquiry has been called, but with the decision having been made on 30th June to take trams to St Andrew’s Square, the council must make sure the project is kept under control.

Nowadays, as the bus moves along Princes Street, I try to find where those 20 people who actually manage to live on Princes Street are…   It’s much easier to identify upper floors where people could live, and did in the past – what a wonderful street it would be to live on.  Perhaps rent would help boost income for the struggling shops. Perhaps some of those offices in Frederick St that seem to be forever on the market could be converted back to homes.  Perhaps it might bring back some of the buzz and life that has been drained from the streets by the endless re-routing and road works.   Yes, Edinburgh deserves better.