Greens on the rise

I’d be the first to say that one (or even two) polls do not make a summer but the Ipsos/Mori poll today showed the Greens continuing to make ground.

Six per cent in the polls is not, in itself breaking the mould, but 6.9% in 2003 resulted in 7 Green MSPs and two here in Lothian.  It is really the trend of gradually rising Green support that is encouraging.

Perhaps there is resonance in our message that there is an alternative to the cuts; that it is possible to imagine a society that combines social and environmental justice; that what is good for the planet is good for people.

What encourages me most is that – although we have been busy on our campaign for many months now – our real focused activity is only now beginning: with over 100,000 election special newsletters going out and special action days being planned across the Lothian region.  While the national press dwells on a beauty contest between Alex Salmond and Ian Gray, we’ll be talking directly to voters and I can only see our vote grow as a result.

Interesting times, as they say.