Time to Pedal on Parliament

Green candidate, Gavin Corbett, urges cyclists and non-cyclists to “pedal on Parliament” this Saturday.

In my monthly Third Force News column last week I recounted my progression from childhood cyclist to leisure cyclist and now to all-round pedaller.  It is at a time when cyclists have been organised as never before – which is why I hope everyone will attend this weekend’s Pedal on Parliament (POP) and sign the petition.

I am proud to be a member of a party where cycling is not just treated as an afterthought and pleased that Green councillor Steve Burgess has a motion at this week’s Full Council backing POP at the same time as Green MSP Alison Johnstone has a motion in Parliament on the same subject.

Of course, I recognise that the Greens do not have a monopoly of wisdom on cycling.  There are very committed cyclists and cycle-campaigners in other parties and a lot of common ground to build on in our collective aim to bring Edinburgh much closer to what some other European cities have achieved in cycling facilties and culture.

But, as elections loom, there is fundamentally an issue of trust.  All parties will (and have) made promising statements on cycling (testament to the effective lobbying from cyclists groups) but who do cyclists trust to make the right decision when money is tight and there is competition for budgets?  There are choices, it seems.