A quantum of solace for Bruntsfield

If there’s a measure of comfort for the people of Bruntsfield after Sainsbury’s taking over the Peckhams store on Bruntsfield Place, it is that it has brought traders and residents closer together.
We now recognise a need to work together to enhance and promote the area if we want it to continue as a vibrant, thriving community, and it was to that end that a number of us met up on Tuesday night in Falko’s bakery.

We have decided to set up a new group, under the Chair of broadcaster and local resident Edie Stark. A constitution was proposed by myself and Marianna Clyde of Merchiston Community Council, which will see the group ‘promote the Bruntsfield area as a vibrant, sustainable, traditional, residential-cum-retail area; to preserve its amenity, commercial diversity and character.’

Everyone who attended left the meeting with something to do, and a real enthusiasm about Bruntsfield. After the trials and tribulations of battling Sainsbury’s encroachment on the area, this is a great way forward and a positive new approach with residents and traders working together for their community.