Protection of mountain hares

An average of 26,000 mountain hares have been indiscriminately killed every year on grouse moors after years of inaction by our government. We have secured action to protect this iconic native species.

Protections come thanks to the tireless work of Alison Johnstone, who forced the government to act with an amendment which received overwhelming public support and comes into force in March 2021.

But these hares are killed only so a few enthusiasts can then go on to kill grouse, a senseless blood sport of we can bring to an end. The Scottish Government needs to get off the fence and call time on this senseless circle of slaughter of our countryside.

Scotland is in a nature emergency, with one in nine species at threat.

That’s why we will need to continue to hold the Scottish Government’s feet to the fire on this. It’s long past time we brought an end to the destructive practice of grouse shooting and restored Scotland’s nature for future generations.