Scottish Green New Deal

We need transformational change. Our economic system is broken, we are seeing wage stagnation, rising inequality and poverty. At the same time, our economy relies on fossil fuels which drive the breakdown of our climate.

We need a Scottish Green New Deal.

Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvey holding 'Scottish Greens New Deal' document
Scottish Green Party leaders, Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie at the launch of the Scottish Green New Deal.

In August 2019, the Scottish Greens unveiled a new campaign to transform Scotland’s economy.

The Scottish Green New Deal (GND) would use every lever available to the Scottish Government to respond to the challenges of outrageous inequality, growing poverty, and the climate emergency with the urgency that is needed.

We need to fundamentally reform our economy so that it serves the people of Scotland and our planet, and a Scottish GND is the first step on this urgent, critical but challenging journey. For as long as Scotland is part of the UK our hands are tied because critical policy areas remain reserved to Westminster, including monetary policy and most regulation of energy, industry and company law. However there are many levers available to the Scottish Government that, if used to their full extent, can set us on a very different path to the UK.

Principles and aims

The following principles for a Scottish Green New Deal reflect these powers:

  • Rebuild the public sector
  • Provide long-term certainty for the private sector
  • Channel public and private investment to low carbon industries
  • Regional industrial strategies and targeted support for those communities who most need it.

What are the aims of a Scottish Green New Deal?

  • Catalyse the transition to zero carbon energy
  • Build a world-leading green manufacturing sector
  • Get Scotland moving without destroying the climate
  • Warm affordable homes
  • Ensure our wellbeing and build an equal Scotland

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