Recent successes

Sign: Assessment Centre, Door E

Disability benefit assessments ban

We have worked to overhaul the benefits system in Scotland, and to bring an end to repeated stressful and undignified assessments that treats claimants as guilty until proven innocent.

Scottish mountain hare

Protection of mountain hares

26,000 mountain hares have been indiscriminately killed every year on grouse moors after years of inaction by our government. We have secured action to protect this iconic native species.

Pile of furniture in the snow

Winter evictions ban

No-one should be forced out of their home in a pandemic, especially during winter. We worked to secure a ban on Covid evictions and continue to campaign for a permanent ban on winter evictions.

Red 'Stop Fracking' sign

Fracking ban

Oil and gas companies want to drill under our communities in a process called fracking. For seven years Scottish Green MSPs pressed the government to ban it. And in 2019 they effectively did.

Big picture campaigns

Green ideas for sustainable recovery

Green recovery for Edinburgh

How can Edinburgh oversee a recovery from Coronavirus and tackle climate change at the same time? Greens insist we cannot return to ‘business as usual’.

Green Yes rally with some European flags

Independence for Scotland

Independence is our opportunity to build a progressive, internationalist independent Scotland. #GreenYes calls for a bold, progressive vision for independence.

Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvey holding 'Scottish Greens New Deal' document

Scottish Green New Deal

Our economic system is broken and at the same time, our economy relies on fossil fuels which drive the breakdown of our climate. We need transformational change.