Edinburgh Greens back the One In Five campaign

The Edinburgh branch committee has enthusiastically agreed that the branch sign up to the One in Five charter, to work towards removing barriers to disabled people participating in politics. The One in Five campaign has received cross party support since its launch at the end of March, including from the Scottish Green Party at a national level.

The campaign reflects on the fact that one in five people could define themselves as disabled, and yet disabled people are hugely under-represented amongst elected politicians and high profile political operators. This is due to a variety of barriers at every level of political engagement, including within parties. There is much work needing done to address this, and our branch is keen to do its best to meet the challenge. If you are a member or thinking about joining and you have an impairment or alternative communication needs and might benefit from adjustments being made to facilitate your getting involved, please get in touch!

Click here to read SGP member Sarah’s blog on the One in Five Campaign site, and read more about the campaign

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