Meet Elaine Gunn – Green candidate for Edinburgh West

Meet Elaine Gunn, the Scottish Greens candidate for Edinburgh West. Elaine shares a bit about her background and why she’s standing for election to join Caroline Lucas in Westminster.

Elaine Gunn, Green candidate for Edinburgh West

I joined the Scottish Greens in spring 2014 in the run-up to the first independence referendum, and decided to get properly involved this summer when I finally hit the wall with feeling powerless and frustrated as Brexit chaos showed no signs of letting up. I quickly became very active in the party’s women’s network, and helped with the campaign to achieve gender balance on the regional lists for Holyrood 2021 as well as putting myself forward as a potential candidate.

My professional background is in project management and communications in the financial services industry, small software businesses and the public sector. I’m an experienced and intuitive project manager, and specialise in getting groups of people (often with conflicting needs and wants) to work together on the basis of consensus and negotiation.

On a personal note, I live I rural West Edinburgh with my husband Angus, our three children and our dog Evie whom I enjoy walking through the gorgeous countryside. I love wild swimming, fire swinging, laughing with friends, and fairy tales. Last year I published my first book, a collection of seven feminist fairy tales that used metaphor and symbolism to say a lot about the kind of world I would like my children to grow up in.

I find the oppositional, argumentative style of politics that we see in Westminster to be utterly self-defeating, and strongly feel that we need to elect sensible, compassionate Green MPs who can bring their pragmatic and collaborative style to parliament. With 30 years of experience in the climate arena, the Scottish Greens are uniquely qualified to address the looming climate crisis, and my mission as the Green MP for Edinburgh West would be to keep climate issues front and centre in parliament, whilst working collaboratively across all parties to find positive and democratic ways forward on our various constitutional crises.

We know that we have just ten years to make the necessary changes to avoid complete climate breakdown. The incoming parliament will sit for five years – half of the time we have left. Can we really afford to have another parliament in Westminster without a strong Green voice?