Greens on Edinburgh’s Budget

Green Councillors have set out their priorities for this year’s Council budget. These include: action to address climate change; protection of frontline services in schools, community centres and social services; investment in alternatives to car use; measures to promote better health through use of open space and healthy food; and acceleration of investment in waste minimisation.

Green Finance spokesperson Maggie Chapman said:

“Green priorities for the City’s budget are taking bold action on climate change, protecting schools from funding cuts, encouraging healthy lifestyles by enhancing our open spaces and promoting healthy food, supporting our communities by maintaining local facilities, reducing waste and providing better public transport, as well as investing in a first class cycle network and improving facilities for pedestrians. We’ll be examining the Administration’s budget carefully to see if they are investing in these Green priorities.”

During last year’s budget debate the Greens called Edinburgh’s budget process ‘wasteful’. They criticised the process for spending Council resources on budget proposals for each political party when only the Administration’s budget has a possibility of being voted through. The Greens called for an exploration of how the process could be made more inclusive and Council officers produced a report into the issue.

Green Group Convenor Alison Johnstone said:

“Whilst there has been some progress towards finding a better way to set the budget we still want to see a radically different process that maximises benefits to the City without wasting Council resources.”