Greens propose budget for communities and environment

Green councillors have proposed a budget for Edinburgh City Council which will safeguard community interests and make the capital a pace-setter in meeting environmental challenges.

Ahead of the budget debate at City Council this Thursday (21 February) the Greens are opposing planned cuts to education and voluntary sector budgets.  They propose a new Climate Change Challenge Fund as set out their manifesto in 2007.  An initial pilot fund of £250,000 would support innovation in energy efficiency and local renewable energy production.  The Greens also plan increased funding for recycling and diverting more of the transport budget into pedestrian and cycling improvements.

Convenor of the Green Group of Councillors, Alison Johnstone said:

In our manifesto for the elections in 2007 we set out our aim to make Edinburgh a greener and fairer place.  Our budget proposals are about starting the journey along that path.

Our proposals are made at a time of additional pressure on council funding as a result of central government pledges over council tax levels.  We look forward in future years to the Council having greater say over setting priorities for its own area.

The Greens’ budget includes:

  • Opposing £3 million cuts from the schools budget and £850,000 from community learning and development funding
  • Rejecting nearly £1 million in cuts in funds for voluntary sector and charity projects
  • £250,000 for a new Climate Change Challenge Fund to reduce energy use and costs
  • increases to the recycling budget, saving money from landfill costs
  • Diverting transport money into improvements for pedestrians and cyclists


1.The Edinburgh Greens manifesto is at