Don’t Chuck It, Freegle It!

You may have seen in the Evening News recently, or had the leaflet through your door, that the way Edinburgh Council collects rubbish is about to change.

In some areas of the city, collections of the main waste bin are to be reduced to fortnightly, with an increased emphasis on recycling. In fact, the council is exploring ways to make it easier for residents to recycle by having all non-landfill waste in the same bin, to be sorted later. This can only help people to recycle more.

Currently, the Council spends £10.37 million per year on landfill costs – Edinburgh is literally putting money into a hole in the ground. This figure is projected to rise to over £16 million in just two years, and that’s a cost this City will be hard-pressed to meet. Clearly, we need to be doing more.

As residents, we can help this. We tend to forget the front part of the “Reduce Reuse Recycle” mantra. Reducing our waste at the source is always the best way. Following that, re-using items or passing them onto someone who can make use of them comes next. And that’s where Freegle comes in.

Freegle is a network of local groups who share items that they no longer need, from prams and sofas to guitars and dolls houses. The idea is simple – let others know what you have that you don’t need, and see if anyone wants it. You have more space in your house, and the item goes to a home where it’s wanted. More importantly, it doesn’t end up in a landfill costing the taxpayer money.

The Freegle Edinburgh group has many members, so if you have stuff taking up space in your loft or you’re considering chucking away that unused bread maker, consider offering it to the Freegle members first. You can sign up on their website here.