Councillor report

Green councillors report August 2018

Green councillors have produced their Green councillor report for August 2018.

Policy Work

The new Edinburgh co-convernors of the councillor group, Mary Campbell and Chas Booth, laid out their hopes for the year ahead.

In planning committee, Chas Booth and Alex Staniforth successfully argued that the next “City Plan” should set higher sustainability targets for new buildings in the city. Quicker and more reliable bus journeys could be just around the corner after Green transport spokesperson Chas Booth successfully argued the council should consult on extending bus lane hours.

Susan Rae has been looking into what can be done to bridge the housing benefit chasm.

Steve Burgess is continuing the push to reduce single use plastics in the city, and got agreement from the council to set up a short life working group on the issue which will meet in the next few weeks.

Melanie Main met with the community midwife responsible for supporting women who have suffered Female Genital Mutilation, and is working with agencies to prevent the practice continuing. It’s difficult, sensitive and complicated, but Green Councillors are keen to understand and support Edinburgh staff.

Alex Staniforth pressed for the 3G pitches at the Hunters Hall site to be developed as soon as possible. He also pushed for a transient visitor levy.

Mary Campbell has been working with council officers to enable more council green spaces to be used for forest kindergartens, to enable more children to be able to access a great learning space with psychological and physical health benefits.

As city canal championGavin Corbett has been carrying out of a review of progress in his first year in post.

Claire Miller called for support from the police and NHS to help protect women from being intimidated by anti-abortion protesters.

Ward Work

In Morningside the local team campaign for local right of ways has taken a major step forward with a claimed right of way at Holy Corner being recognised by planning. Keeping the site open and a deliniation of the path across the site was made a condition of approval of planning permission. As a direct result a briefing and guidance information will now be drawn up for councillors and planning officers.

In Southside/Newington ward Steve Burgess and the local team held a street stall and gathered signatures in support of the Greens petition for a transient visitor levy.

In Portobello/Craigmillar Mary Campbell helped organise and promote the participatory budgeting process for the ward, You Decide. A very successful ‘meet the funders’ event was held where local groups and individuals could meet and questions 15 different funders. She also asked for cycle provision to be extended between the Portobello Promenade and Seafield, by the installation of marked cycle and walking space at the bottom of Kings Road. This has now gone into the neighbourhood environment programme.

Gavin Corbett spent a morning as a barrow cart street cleaner and wrote up his observations in a blog.

In Leith and Leith Walk, Chas Booth and Susan Rae attended the vigil outside Guru Nanak Gurdwara, the Sikh temple which was subject to a recent arson attack, to express their solidarity with Edinburgh’s Sikh community.

Alexander Staniforth continued to work with allotment-holders and officers on getting a water supply for the Northfield allotments. It has been a long time coming but if the funding bodies agree it looks like they could finally have water by next spring.

Download Edinburgh Green Councillors Update August 2018 here