Councillor report

Green Councillors’ report for July 2022

July was recess in council, but at the end of June the first full council meeting not dedicated to installing the administration was held which means that – despite most of the intervening time being time that council wasn’t sitting – councillors got a lot done between this report and last.

Jule Bandel put forward an amendment making sure a coming report on the Young Person’s Assembly recognises the need for meaningful political involvement and must avoid tokenism.

Chas Booth put forward a motion regarding the repair of Leith’s Rainbow Bridge to a sufficient degree for it to be used for walking, wheeling and cycling and also worked with the administration to bring forward a report on 7/7/7 bus lane operation (increasing the time bus lanes are exclusively used by buses).

Dan Heap put forward a successful motion both celebrating Pride and ensuring the council’s continued support of STRIDE – its internal LGBTIQ+ representative organisation.

Claire Miller worked to ensure that, while individual bus routes are being considered for reinstatement, there will be a report on all recently cancelled bus routes and options for reinstating or replacing them.

Alys Mumford achieved cross-party support for introducing gender budgeting to the council, with mandatory training for councillors and relevant officers.

Ben Parker asked a question on planting new trees and how the council ensures new trees are properly watered once planted.

Alex Staniforth put forward a successful motion initiating the provision of sanitary bins in every council toilet – not just the women’s – to improve equality on council premises.

In addition to full council there was an extra meeting of finance and resources committee in July at which Alys Mumford and Alex Staniforth put forward a proposal to cancel debt incurred via paying for school meals. This and other support measures had cross-party support, except for the Conservatives.

Finally councillors have decided on their portfolios which will soon be available on the Edinburgh Greens website.