Councillor report

Green councillors report November 2018

Policy Highlights

Chas Booth, Green spokesperson on planning, has been working to ensure the replacement for the local development plan, which will be called the City Plan 2030, puts tackling climate change at its core.

In transport committee, he has been pushing the council to take a more robust approach to parking enforcement, and to prioritise towing persistent offenders.

Claire Miller got agreement at a meeting of Full Council for a review of events and attractions in parks, in response to the outcry when the Christmas market was erected over the tree stumps in East Princes Street Gardens, and the screens that prevented people from seeing West Princes Street Gardens during the summer concerts at the Ross Bandstand.

Gavin Corbett was one of eight winners of awards in the first ever Scottish councillor achievement awards hosted by the LGIU Scotland, picking up the prize in the environmental champion category.

In Culture and Communities, Susan Rae pushed for free tickets for Edinburgh Christmas events to go to food bank users. She has also been pushing the council on their readiness for Universal Credit implementation.

Alex Staniforth argued in Full Council that Edinburgh City should come out in favour of a people’s vote on the EU.

A result of pressure begun earlier this year, Green group Environment spokesperson Steve Burgess welcomed publication of an audit of the Council’s capacity on sustainability by Prof. Andy Kerr of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. A main conclusion is that the council needs greater staff resource if it is to meet the challenge. The Council administration will respond to the report after Christmas.

At Full Council Steve Burgess secured an investigation of council investment in LED lighting for Edinburgh’s tenements to reduce climate-changing pollution and electricity costs.

Ward Highlights

In Leith, Chas Booth has met local residents to try to address practical concerns about the possible tram extension.

In the city centre ward, Claire chaired the Neighbourhood Partnership and focused on homelessness and rough sleeping, and also chaired the first meeting of the Dumbiedykes Small Area Plan, where priorities of drug activity and rough sleeping were agreed with all partners. She also gained agreement at Locality Committee to act on the serious safety concerns identified by Tollcross Parent Council’s recent travel survey.

Gavin Corbett was delighted to host Water of Leith Conservation Trust’s 30th birthday in the city chambers and wrote about its fantastic work in the Evening News.

In Leith Walk, Susan Rae has been working on Leith Decides, the participatory budgeting process for both Leith and Leith Walk. She has also been continuing to work on the pavement parking issues facing Leith Walk and surrounding streets.

In Craigentinny and Duddingston, Northfield allotments will finally get a water supply thanks to Alex Staniforth.

In Portobello and Craigmillar, Mary Campbell has been visiting Primary and Secondary schools to talk about plastic pollution and sustainability.

In Southside/Newington, following delivery of a newsletter to every household in the ward, the local team has been canvassing residents for their views on Green News. Ward councillor Steve Burgess took part in a meeting with residents of Carnegie Court, a 1970s former council development in need of major repair that leaves some ‘right-to-buy’ owners on low incomes now facing substantial bills.

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