Greens hail zero carbon Leith docks development

The Development Committee of Edinburgh Council today agreed that the massive Leith Docks development by Forth Ports plc should achieve “carbon neutrality”.

The proposal by Green Councillor Steve Burgess that the development, the size of a new town, be zero carbon was accepted unanimously by Development Committee colleagues. Developers will have to seek planning authority to go ahead with any part of the development that does not achieve “carbon neutral” status.

Councillor Burgess said:

“I’m very pleased that fellow committee members agreed that zero carbon would be an appropriate aspiration for this scale of development.  Scotland has to achieve huge cuts in climate-changing pollution over the next few decades, and all new developments should be held to this high standard. The Leith Docks project is a thirty-year development, starting with a blank canvas, and it is right to expect it to reduce climate changing pollution to the absolute minimum. If they can do it in Sweden we can do it in Scotland.

“We also inserted a clause in the legal agreement to make sure that at the very least this development will meet Edinburgh’s own standards for environmentally friendly buildings, which covers recycling provision and use of materials.


1. Carbon neutral means no net carbon dioxide emissions from the development through energy use. This requires the development to be energy efficient and be powered by renewable energy.