Greens Welcome Decision to Block Hotel over Climate Change Pollution.

The Council’s Development Management Sub-Committee today put on hold an application for a 175 bedroom hotel on Leith Walk because it does not meet the Council’s new standards for reducing climate change pollution and renewable energy [1]. 
Officials had recommended the Council to approve the development despite the failure to meet the requirement for renewable energy because of the possible difficulty of including solar panels in a conservation area.  However the committee rejected this advice and have asked the developers to come back with proposals that do more to reduce climate change pollution.

Green Councillors welcomed the fact that the developers had gone some way by including a ground source heat pump under the hotel to provide energy but said they needed to do more to meet the environmental standard.
Green Councillor for Leith Walk ward Maggie Chapman said:

“I’m glad the planning committee have rejected this development for the moment. This is one of the first applications to be considered under the council’s new environmental standards for buildings.  There’s no point in the Council having environmental standards if we don’t enforce them.”