Green councillor dismayed at bargain basement nursery sell-off

Green councillor, Steve Burgess, has expressed his dismay at the sale of a nursery building at a knock down price.

Steve, who is also second on the Lothian list for the Holyrood elections, has been campaigning for the Princess Elizabeth nusery in Prestonfield to stay open against the threat of closure from the Lib Dem / SNP Council.  He has now learned that the nursery may be sold for as little as £150,ooo, which he described as adding insult to injury.

Steve said:

“I was surprised at the figures put on the properties because they seem very low.  If the nurseries close – and I hope they don’t – I would want to see evidence that these are the correct valuations. Whatever happens, we need to be getting value for money from any property that’s sold.

Read the full story in the Edinburgh Evening News.