Green councillor backs action on responsible parking

Edinburgh Green councillor, Gavin Corbett, has thrown his weight behind a proposed new law to ban pavement parking.

Cllr Corbett, who represents Fountainbridge – Craiglockhart in the capital helped organise a local campaign in his area last autumn, after a major fire raised concerns about bad parking and access for emergency vehicles. Although the Fire Brigade confirmed later that parking did not block fire appliances, both police and fire officers commented that parking was a problem in the Shandon area of Edinburgh.

As it stands in Scotland, parking on a pavement, in itself, is not an offence. That is why Cllr Corbett has backed efforts by Joe Fitzpatrick MSP to change that, in his current consultation on a Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill.

Gavin said:

“Over the last nine months, local residents have raised bad parking as the number one issue. Many are astonished that parking on a pavement is not illegal. Leaving aside access for fire engines and ambulances there is often a real problem for older or disabled residents and for parents with very young children in buggies or on tricycles. So bad parking is a real fairness issue.

“That is to say nothing of the impact on damaging pathways and kerbs: damage which we all have to pay for.

“I also support Joe Fitzpatrick’s Bill because it would make enforcement much simpler – police would no longer have to weigh up whether a vehicle was causing an obstruction or not.

“We need to send out a clear message that pavements are for people”

The consultation on the Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill ends on 30 June 2012. It is being supported by a range of transport and disability charities.