Shop local, shop green, urge Green MSP and councillors

With only one week to go before Christmas, Green MSPs and councillors have urged shoppers to buy local and buy green this year.

According to the Greens, although the credit crunch is a global phenomenon, there are widespread reports that local shops and services are being hit hardest as shoppers look for bigger bargains.  This leads shoppers towards chain-stores despite the fact that better bargains can often be had at independent traders.

Green councillor, Alison Johnstone said:

Many families have less money to spend this year and are looking to spend it more carefully.  I really hope that this means spending in local shops, buying goods and products made as close to Edinburgh as possible; or where they are spending on goods from overseas, looking out for the fair-trade label.

By doing this we can keep our money circulating in our local area, rather than evaporating off to some faceless international corporation, whose actions have led to the looming recession in the first place.

This Christmas, we could all be protecting small and ethical businesses rather than bailing out the excesses of these big corporations.

Green MSP, Robin Harper added:

The latest round of post office closures in the teeth of widespread local opposition has reminded us how vulnerable our neighbourhoods are to the loss of vital services.  That is why I am urging shoppers to break through the gloom and bring some Christmas cheer to the local shops that give our areas their character. It’s a case of use it or lose it.”