Caltongate and Haymarket go ahead despite Unesco visit

The Development Committee of Edinburgh Council today gave final approval for the major Caltongate and Haymarket developments despite a visit by UNESCO to assess the effect of these developments on Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site in November

Following the initial decision of the Council to grant planning permission, UNESCO inspectors have decided to visit the City.

Development Committee member Councillor Steve Burgess proposed that the developments be put on hold until UNESCO gave the all clear, but won no support from other committee members and was forced to dissent from the Committee’s decision.

Councillor Burgess said:

“World Heritage status is important to the City and we shouldn’t do anything to put this at risk. I’m disappointed that we could not agree to hold off on this development until UNESCO have given their opinion.

“I hope given UNESCO’s concerns – the proposed demolition of listed and protected buildings in the case of Caltongate and the massive height of the Haymarket hotel – that the SNP Government will not rubber-stamp these developments but hold a thorough public inquiry.”