Update on coalition discussions in Edinburgh

The six-strong Green group of councillors in Edinburgh today signalled their willingness to help transform the culture of government in the capital but to stop short of taking part in the proposed coalition.

Convenor of the Green Group of Councillors, Steve Burgess said:

“Early talk of an all-party “rainbow alliance” was useful in bringing all parties together but it has proved not to be a realistic option. It would result in policies which fall far short of the ambition that Edinburgh needs to show.  And it would pose real challenges as to who was accountable for the programme.

“The prospect of a Labour-Lib Dem-Green coalition – the so-called “traffic light coalition” – has never been on the table as the Lib Dems have not engaged with this.  In any other option – Labour plus Tories or Labour plus SNP – Green votes are not essential because the other parties could always achieve a majority without us.  So, although we have no problem working with Labour, it would be a Green cover for what would be essentially a two-party coalition.  We would be in office but without any real prospect of delivering Green commitments.

“We have prepared our own Green commitment to Edinburgh as our contribution to transforming the culture of government in the capital and developing an ambitious programme, policy by policy.  We believe that is best served by a minority administration led by the largest party.”