Edinburgh Young Greens

EYG parliament

Edinburgh Young Greens at the Scottish Parliament, 2016

Edinburgh Young Greens is the youth wing of the Scottish Green Party in Edinburgh.  It is represented on the Edinburgh Green Party committee, but remains a self-organising group with its own meetings, elected officials, and campaigns. Edinburgh Young Greens encourage the participation and contribution of all members, regardless of experience.

The youth wing remains politically active; often engaging in demonstrations and protests that coincide with the interests of the party.

The current committee are:

Co-Convenors: Sarah Teworte, James K Puchowski
Events Officer: Kirsty Duncan
Treasurer: Gordon Jack

James Puchowski and Sarah Teworte

Edinburgh Young Greens Co-Convenors James and Sarah, 2018-2019

Who can join?

EYG is open to all members aged 16-30 (inclusive), and registered students of any age. Non-members are welcome, however, to participate in both formal and social events.

EYG EU protest

Edinburgh Young Greens marching in support of the EU, 2016

How can I get involved?

EYG hosts formal and social events regularly. Recent events have included a Scottish Parliament tour with Green MSPs, a Green themed pub quiz, and an information evening with Maggie Chapman; ‘Why are the Greens Pro-Indy?’. Updates on upcoming events are posted regularly on social media.

Where can I find out more?

The Young Greens maintain a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. For regular updates on events, campaigns, and meetings please follow us on:

If you would like to get involved or have any questions you can contact us at edin.young.greens@scottishgreens.org.uk