Corstorphine / Murrayfield by-election

10 March 2023 Update

The Corstorphine/Murrayfield by-election was (unsurprisingly) won by the LibDems. It was a tough contest fought hard by our inspiring campaign team – well done everyone!

Chris Young stood as the Green candidate for the by-election in Corstorphine/Murrayfield ward which took place on 9 March 2023.

Meet the candidate

Chris Young with dog Fintan in front of Corstorphine Tower
Chris Young walking his dog Fintan on Corstorphine Hill

Chris is a local resident of Corstorphine, along with his wife and two young children. He has lived in the Corstorphine area for 19 years and Edinburgh has been his home since he was small.

A landscape gardener by profession, with over 30 years experience, he currently works part-time since his main role is now father and homemaker.

Chris joined the Scottish Greens four years ago and is currently co-convenor of the West Edinburgh Greens.

He has been active in campaigns to support a low traffic neighbourhood in Corstorphine and to improve conditions for people walking, wheeling and cycling. He is also active with Corstorphine Climate Action and organises litter picks in the local area.

“As a local resident I know the council needs to work far harder to tackle local air pollution and make it easier to walk, wheel and cycle.

“St John’s Road in the ward is one of the most polluted in the whole of Scotland. We need to tackle this which means bold political leadership.

“I’m very keen to see big improvements in the provision of reliable public transport. There’s much work to be done to improve road safety around our schools as well.

“Wider pavements, better pedestrian crossings, segregated cycle lanes and real investment in alternatives to the car are all essential too.”

Chris Young, Scottish Green Party candidate

Contact Chris

On Twitter: @NotEnoughEarth

or by email:

Make sure you can vote!

If you’re a resident of Corstorphine/Murrayfield, make sure you’re registered to vote by 21 February 2023.

Applications for a postal vote should be made by 5pm on 22 February 2023. The cut-off for requesting a proxy vote is 5pm on 1 March 2023.