Edinburgh Branch AGM

28 June 2018 @ 19:30 – 21:30
Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh EH1 1EL UK

The AGM on Thursday 28 June is where the branch elects members to join the branch committee, to guide the party over the next year. It is also the opportunity for members to vote on motions up for consideration.

Call for nominations

We would encourage all members to think about standing for a committee position – it is a great way to get more involved in what the branch does, and you will be playing a vital role in making sure campaigns, meetings and local teams run smoothly.

You can find descriptions for committee roles here.

In addition to the committee roles, we will be recruiting up to six people to join our delegation team to national council meetings.

To apply, send a 200 word statement to edinburgh@scottishgreens.org.uk, along with the names of two members who are happy to nominate you. Please note that members can only offer nominations to two people in this election.

The deadline for applying to be a committee member is noon on 21 June. Candidate statements will be collated and circulated to members before the AGM. If there is a position with no nominees, we will accept nominations from the floor at the AGM.

Passing motions

Motions can be passed at the AGM which:

  • Change the standing orders or constitution of the branch (you can see these here: www.edinburghgreens.org.uk/site/about)
  • Instruct the branch to act in a certain way, for example to endorse a campaign, review processes, or hold a meeting on a certain subject
  • Propose a local team (or teams) to become a sub-branch
  • Instruct Edinburgh branch to take a motion to the Scottish Green Party AGM in October (motions which are brought from branches are automatically ranked higher than motions brought by individuals).

Motions should be submitted via email to edinburgh@scottishgreens.org.uk. Your motion may have a preamble explaining why it is necessary which should be no more than 200 words, and your motion must clearly explain what it is asking (e.g change the constitution, instruct the committee). If you’re thinking of submitting a motion, you may like to contact the sitting branch committee as soon as possible for guidance on formulating it.

Motions must be submitted by noon on 21 June. Motions will be circulated to branch members prior to the AGM.