Holyrood 2021 – campaign launch for members

12 September 2020 @ 14:00 – 16:00

It has never been so important to have a strong Green presence at Holyrood. Polls are indicating a solid increase in the number of Green MSPs elected in May – but Greens across Scotland need to work hard to make this happen. In the Lothian region we have a real chance of returning at least 2 of our outstanding candidates if we mobilise effectively.

At this launch event:

  • hear from our Green MSP candidates
  • learn about the branch campaign strategy
  • sign up for one (or more!) of the many ways you can be active in getting our candidates elected.

More info and a link to join the event will be added closer to the date.

This meeting is for members only.

Photo of the 3 lead Green candidates in the Holyrood election, Lothian region