Reframing Independence: workshop for activists

28 July 2019 @ 12:30 – 16:30
Nelson Hall
5 Spittalfield Crescent
Edinburgh EH8 9QZ (in the Gray Room)
South East Edinburgh Greens

Reframing is a technique which enables you to get your point across to another person without reinforcing their existing preconceptions.

NOTE: this event is fully booked. We hope to run it again soon.

Facts alone do not change people’s opinions – conversely, in many cases, presenting clear facts actually reinforces misconceptions.

This workshop is aimed at activists who wish to reassure the undecided on the merits of Scottish independence. The skills learned are applicable to any issue and are useful in helping out with stalls, social media debating, canvassing etc.

Sessions include reframing essentials, communication techniques and participant action plans.

The event will be run by Bill Mills who has worked closely for several years with Bill Dale who has been developing a reframing programme for the Yes movement based on the work of cognitive scientist George Lakoff.

Open to Scottish Green Party members and supporters. Numbers are limited, so please email to secure your place.

This event is organised by South East Edinburgh Greens.

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