New Learning Events 2019

New learning events for 2019. This is a series of worskshops designed for you, whether you’re interested in being an active – or more active – Green member, or even in being elected to a role.

1. ‘Green Women: finding our way into politics’ – (27 February)

This first event is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. Come join us for a session on becoming involved in Green Party activities and politics at all levels, and identifying ways to increase women’s participation.

The following 4 events are open to all. Those of us identifying as women or disabled people are especially welcome.

2. ‘How can I be more involved?’ –  (20 March)

What opportunities are available? How can I become more active? What’s different about being politically active in the Scottish Green Party? What does Scottish Green Party leadership look like?

3. ‘Off the Cuff Communication Skills’ – (24 April)

Everyone with experience of campaigning and canvassing talks of how easy and straightforward it is. This workshop demystifies canvassing and hustings by providing insights from people who’ve been there, and giving you chances to have some fun learning useful skills yourself.

4. ‘Standing Up and Having Your Say’ – (29 May)

Would you like to develop your ability to speak up more effectively? Learn more about body language, voice projection and and how to better engage your audience. Develop assertiveness skills and perhaps even confidence.

5. ‘Meetings – from Participating to Convening’ – (26 June)

A chance to share your experiences and learn from others. What does (or could) make Scottish Green Party meetings unique? Explore how we can better enable diverse voices to be heard. Understand how we balance skills like consensus building with effective time keeping.

Venue: all sessions are at Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge, EH1 1EL.
The Iona room is upstairs; accessible by lift. 

Time: All meetings expected to start 18:30.

Please email us at to express interest in any of the above.