Branch Meeting Report: June 2010

Our regular monthly branch meeting for June, took place on 24th at the usual venue of the Quaker Meeting House. This meeting focused on selecting candidates for forthcoming elections; a local by-election in Liberton/Gilmerton and for the Holyrood 2011 regional list.


The Westminster Election in May 2010 saw labour councillor Ian Murray’s elected as a MP, and resign from his role.  The election will be on Thursday 9th September 2010. The branch overwhelmingly selected Phyl Meyer to be our candidate. You can read more about Phyl in our press release.

Holyrood List Candidates

With nominations closing just a few days before this hustings, we were delighted to see that nearly all the candidates for the Lothians list were able to make it along.  Candidates were given a few moments for introductory remarks – then it was on to some tough questions from the audience. Here’s a few of the questions asked;

  • What would you do about job losses?
  • Does the GERS report increase the case for Scottish independence? How would you respond to the criticism that an independent Scotland would have struggled to bail out the banks?
  • Politicians are increasingly regarded as an elite, self-serving, money grabbing bunch of hypocrites (to put it mildly).  What can you say and do to counter that perception?
  • What did you think of Labours reduction in VAT and the coalitions rise to 20%? What would you do with VAT?

Tough questions,  I’m sure you’ll agree! But I’m pleased to report that impressive answers were the order of the day.  The selection of candidates will be taking place shortly by postal ballot.  Your mailing will include a candidate booklet – and if you think of any more questions, tough or other wise, I’m sure the candidates would love to hear from you.

Next Meeting

Our next branch meeting is on Thursday the 22nd July, 7:30pm at the Quaker Meeting House