6 December 2011: The Banks, the Crisis and the Attack on Democracy – a Talk by David Malone

The banks have created a financial crisis. The cost of that crisis
is being pushed onto the rest of us. Momentous decisions
about bailing them out and making us pay have been taken with
no popular mandate, in the UK, in Ireland, now in Greece.

We are told that “we” are bailing out Ireland, or that Germany is bailing out “the Greeks”. In fact the banks and their owners are being bailed out by the rest of us. A transfer of wealth is taking place, from poor to rich. Cuts, privatisation, bailouts andausterity are the means by which this happens.
David Malone, blogger and author of “The Debt Generation”, has been writing about this for several years.

David will give a talk, hosted by Edinburgh Green Party and open to all, and will give a perspective you don’t hear in the mainstream media. “Mr Venizelos is not the people’s minister for controlling finance. He is Finance’s Minister for
controlling the people. And his first duty has been to make sure the people of Greece are not allowed to have any say in the austerity/bail-out plans being forced upon them by foreign powers.”
– David Malone

Comments about David’s work:

“The book is a passionate call for a world organised around social justice, and not by and for the pursuit of greed.”
– Caroline Lucas

“This book shows how the banks and the government are making ordinary people pay for the economic crisis they created. It exposes a sickening tale of corporate greed and recklessness, with the outrageous connivance of the whole political establishment.”
– Peter Tatchell

“I think he’s right about the choice that faces democratic societies like our own: either we buckle under the financial sector or we stand up and insist that the burden of their private losses is not shared with the innocent victims of the crisis.”
– Ann Pettifor

“The Debt Generation cuts through the cosy consensus that there wasn’t an alternative to the bank bailouts and is a timely reminder that it was the activities of the finance sector, not the public sector, that caused the global economic crisis. The book shows that it was the welfare given the banks, not to people, that is unaffordable.”
– Mark Serwotka




The talk is free to attend, but we will collect contributions towards the cost of running it.

The event is promoted by Andy Saunders on behalf of the Scottish Green Party. Andy can be contacted on 07967 021 708.