Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

You can join the Party online here.

Can I donate without joining?

Of course! As a small party which doesn’t have corporate or union financial backing, we rely on donations to campaign and get our message to the wider public. We accept donations online here, or you can fill out a Standing Order form for a more regular donation. We also run regular crowdfunding campaigns through social media so keep an eye on our twitter and facebook pages.

What happens after I join?

Once you join the Scottish Green Party, the Office will process your payment and application and send you out a Welcome Pack. You’ll also receive a Welcome Pack from the Edinburgh Greens and information about the Branch.

Why are there different rates of membership?

You may have noticed that there are different membership rates based on income brackets and the ability to pay. This is to provide some equality amongst our members and their various circumstances. As a Party, we believe that the rich should contribute more to society based on their ability to pay, and we practice what we preach with our membership rates!

If I pay a lower rate, am I entitled to less?

No. All members are equal and have the same voting rights and entitlements to stand for office regardless of how much they pay in membership fees.

Can I attend Conference?

Yes. All members are entitled to attend Conference. We don’t run a ‘delegates only’ system for our Conferences.

How is Policy decided?

Policy is decided at our Autumn Conference. All members are entitled to submit Motions, and everyone at that Conference will vote on those Motions. The Call For Motions usually goes out at the start of summer, with the Agenda for Conference going out to all members in late summer. If a Motion is passed by Conference, then it will become part of our Policy Reference Document, which can be found in the Members Area of our website and is available to all Members to read.

What is the difference between the Spring and Autumn Conferences?

Our main Autumn Conference is the one at which the Party decides on policy, hears guest speakers and holds it’s AGM. It usually lasts two days. The Spring Conference is a lot less formal and only lasts one day. We pick a couple of topics that members wish to discuss or which can influence policy, and then discuss them in small groups and feed that discussion back to the relevant people. Both conferences influence the Party’s thinking on various topics!

Can I stand for election?

Yes. All members are entitled to stand for internal Scottish Green Party elections. Terms of Office for these usually run from December to December each year. There are many internal posts in the running of the Party, and meetings are usually skype-friendly to allow for some of our more far-flung officers to ‘attend’!

Edinburgh Greens also has a Committee, for which all Edinburgh members are entitled to stand. Office bearers are elected at our AGM, usually held in June. We also run a scheme where members can ‘buddy’, to see how a committee meeting operates if they are thinking of standing (or are just curious!). Email if you would like to find out more.

Why do you have two conveners?

As part of our commitment to equality and diversity, the Scottish Green Party has two leaders, known as Co-Conveners because they convene the Party Council, the committee which runs the overall party. We elect one male and one female co-convener, and they are currently Patrick Harvie MSP and Councillor Maggie Chapman.

Additionally Edinburgh Greens, as one of the larger branches, also elects a male and female co-convener to run the branch. Currently, they are Evelyn Weston and Bill Wilson.

Who do I contact if I move house?

If you need to change any details of your membership, then please contact or

When do you have your branch meetings?

Edinburgh Greens have their branch meetings on the fourth Thursday of every month, excluding August and December. Keep an eye on the regular email newsletters, the website, facebook and twitter for details of each meeting beforehand.

Why don’t you meet in August or December?

We cannot use our regular meeting venue during the Festival season in August, and it’s hard to find another location. We sometimes use the ‘free’ time to have a social event. During December, the fourth Thursday usually falls on Christmas week, and people tend to have other plans!

What happens in branch meetings?

Edinburgh Greens run a diverse range of topics for our branch meetings. Sometimes we discuss various aspects of Green policy. On other occasions we have guest speakers from the Party or from other organisations. Topics lately have included Policing, Gaza, Food, Community Involvement and Refugees. Some of our branch meetings are open to the public, while others are for members only. We usually make it clear when it’s a members only meeting. We also have our AGM and election of office bearers, which usually falls in June.

I’m under 16, can I still attend branch meetings?

Yes you can, although we do need written permission from a parent or guardian to say that you can attend. Contact for more information on that. You can also join the Edinburgh Young Greens.

I’m new to the Party and won’t know anyone there!

Our branch meetings start at 7.30pm, however we have a few committee members at the venue from 7pm to greet new members, answer any questions they may have and introduce them to other members old and new. We hope to make you feel welcome!

Can I help you deliver leaflets without joining?

Of course you can! We are always looking for volunteers. Contact and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can talk to you about helping out.