Donate to Julita Mazurek’s Council Campaign

A personal message from Julita Mazurek, Green candidate for City Centre.

“I’m very proud to be the Green candidate for City Centre. The result was very close in 2007 when Greens missed being elected by only a very small number of votes. I fell in love with Edinburgh when I came here but the City centre could really be improved for its residents and
visitors and that is my goal.

“The City Centre is in a real mess. We need Green councillors who will stand up for residents and local businesses to make sure the impact of the tram works is less.

“Another big issue is air pollution. Traffic is causing harmful pollution that everyone in the City centre is breathing in as they walk along or cycle. The Council must take steps to control traffic and bring pollution down.

“With the Liberal Democrats doing badly in the by-election last August, it is almost certain that the Lib Dem seat in City Centre is there to be won and Greens stand a very good chance. This depends on letting enough people know how close it is and that depends on delivering leaflets to every house in the ward.

“That is why I’d be so grateful for your support in giving me a donation towards leaflets and my election campaign.

“You can donate by sending a cheque to “Edinburgh Green Party” to me at 23 Royal Park Terrace, Edinburgh EH8 8JB or donate online. If you are donating online please also email me at so that I can add your name below and make sure it is allocated to City Centre ward.

Thank you very much

Donations so far (many thanks!)

Cara Gillespie £50

Tomek Borkowy £20

Walter Gibson £10

Catriona Ross £10

Arianne Burgess £10

Ariane Critchley £10

David Somervell £20

Alison Philp £10

Agnieszka Gabor £10

Jenny Smith £20

Andy MacPherson £20

Magdalena LyzwaTOTAL SO FAR – £210 TARGET £200)