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A personal message from Melanie Main, Green candidate for Meadows / Morningside

“The Local council elections are in May this year and I am standing as Green Party Candidate, because I believe passionately in local democracy and want to play my part in caring for our community.

Many years ago I attended James Gillespie’s, and in a couple of years my own daughter will attend the High School.  I have lived in Bruntsfield and Marchmont on and off for over thirty years and have seen many changes, some for the better some for worse.

For the past eight years I have been a member of Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council, serving terms as Treasurer, Chair and currently Planning Officer.  I have first-hand experience of the frustrations of working with Edinburgh Council and each new encounter makes me more determined to fight hard to make our council serve the real needs and desires of our community.

I first became involved with the Green Party when I worked in the Scottish Parliament for the
seven Green MSPs from 2003 -2007.  But, as a Green candidate for Meadows / Morningside I am competing with big political machines. They have ranks of press officers and funding from wealthy individuals or big organisations.  I am lucky to have a great team of helpers and volunteers working with me and I believe I can compete by using every penny I have efficiently.  And that is why I am launching my own appeal to raise £500 towards the £1,200 or so that I estimate my team will spend in the area – ensuring that we are able to get our message out to every household.

Please do consider supporting my campaign.  You can donate by sending a cheque to “Edinburgh Green Party” to me at 13 Sciennes Gardens, Edinburgh, EH9 1NR or donate online.  If you are donating online please also email me at so that I can add you below and make sure it is allocated to this specific area.

Many thanks for your support”

Donations so far:

Andy Saunders £50

TOTAL RAISED SO FAR £50 (target £500)