Donate towards a Green future

Donations from our members and supporters are hugely important, enabling Edinburgh Greens to take our work forward.

You don’t have to be a member of the Greens to donate to us, and you don’t have to be rich! Whether you wish to give £5 or £50, every penny counts towards making Edinburgh, and Scotland, greener and fairer.

Regular giving

If you are in a position to give a regular donation, please consider setting up a standing order directly to the Edinburgh and West Lothian Greens branch.

Regular giving is the best way to support our on-going work and help us prepare for future elections. A small amount each month allows us to build up much-needed funds.

The easiest way to set up a standing order is via your online banking account. 

The power to edit and cancel standing orders remains in the hands of the giver, so you are free to create, change or cancel your standing order at any time. Your bank should have a list of your standing orders on your online bank account.

Download this document for details, and a standing order form (if you need it):

Or email the Edinburgh Branch Treasurer on

One-off donations

You can make a donation by cheque, made payable to ‘Edinburgh Green Party’, sent along with your name and address, to:

Edinburgh Green Party
c/o Scottish Green Party
19b Graham Street
Edinburgh EH6 5QN

Terms & Conditions

As a political party we have to adhere to strict rules about donations. Because of this we need to record the names and addresses of donors.

We accept all donations, large or small, but if you wish to give over £500 per year (aggregated) then you need to be on the UK electoral register. We will return impermissible donations.

We must report to the Electoral Commission all donations that exceed £7,500. When we do this we must provide the Electoral Commission with the value of the donation and the name, address and other relevant details of the donor – The Electoral Commission will publish your name and the value of your donation, but not your address.