Auction of Promises

Promise ideas: gardening, mending, IT support, dog walkingSouth East Edinburgh Greens (SEEG) are running an Auction of Promises (8 to 18 December) – to raise funds for Edinburgh Greens’ Holyrood 2021 campaign.

It’s not too late to donate a promise!

We’re looking for Scottish Greens members who would be happy to donate something that they can do for, or give to, someone else in return for a money donation direct to Edinburgh Greens. For example: dog walking, making a special cake, guitar lessons, a bottle of fancy whisky.

If you would like to donate to SEEG’s Auction of Promises, please fill in the form below.

For safety reasons, we will hold the auction online. We plan to set the auction up as a Facebook event page so that we can invite members of our Facebook group, share the event and keep track of who’s likely to take part.

If you have any queries, please email:

And if you know of other members who might be interested in donating, please do send a link to this page to them.

Thank you!

Donate your promise!

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