Sleep recovery – four sessions

Winning Bid: £125.00

A series of four 75-minute sessions. Sleep recovery is a yoga-based method for improving your sleep and deepening your rest.

Item condition: New


Sleep Recovery™ uses yoga-based practices and ideas, couched in the science of sleep and is accessible with any or no experience of yoga as the practices can be adapted to the individual. These would take place at my home studio at 8 St Peter’s Place, Viewforth EH3 9PJ.

I am a fully qualified yoga teacher with over 25 years’ experience teaching yoga. I have additional Sleep Recovery training and have been teaching this since 2016. I now assist Lisa Sanfilippo, who developed Sleep Recovery, in her teacher training courses.

My home studio is reached by two flights of tenement stairs. If this was a problem for the bidder, we would need to find a suitable location, possibly the bidder’s home if I could get there by bicycle or bus.

The total value of the four sessions, at current special offer rates, is £200.

Kindly donated by Andrea St Clair