Green News ward edition designers

Edinburgh Greens Comms Team produce a printed newsletter twice a year in autumn and spring. This is for the general public and is hand-delivered to 13 wards across the city.

Although some news is city-wide, each edition has its own local content for residents in the area. Design/layout for 13 ward editions would be too much for one volunteer designer so we’re looking to have a team of 6-8 designers to work on one or two editions each. So far there are three of us!

We have a template for Green News in Adobe InDesign. Designers need to have their own access to this software as Edinburgh Greens does not have an InDesign license.

Each designer works directly with one or two local teams to produce each edition, and is supported by the Branch Comms Officer. Work on each edition happens in Jan/Feb and Aug/Sept.

If you’d like to find out more we’d be delighted to have a chat!

Download a PDF of an edition Green News Spring 2022 here

To volunteer, email your details to