Calling designers, editors, organisers and media people

We are restructuring our communications and media and have lots of interesting opportunities for people to get involved.

Edinburgh Greens are growing. With the number of Councillors having increased this year from 5 to 8, there are opportunities to get involved,  whether in your local ward or across the city.

If you can offer just 2-3 hours per quarter (8-12 hours per annum) then we’d love to hear from you.

  • Designers for creating or simply finalising News Sheet templates prior to publication
  • Writers/Sub-Editors
  • Council & Holyrood Correspondent
  • Production Co-ordination (liaising between printers and local teams etc)
  • Digital Photographer and/or Librarian
  • Social Media: Community Facilitators; Designers; Strategists
  • Website: Content Co-ordinator; Designer; Developer.

For further information or to express interest, simply email a few lines to