Next Branch Meeting 28th March

Our next branch meeting will be on Thursday 28th March, when we will be looking at Welfare Reform.

The Government is bringing in a series of measures which will drive large numbers of people further into poverty, at the same time as handing out large sums to the super-rich.

What is happening, how will people be affected, what can we do about it?

  1. Beth Reid  from Citizens Advice Scotland will give an overview of the welfare reform changes, followed by questions and answers.
  2. Gavin Corbett and Steve Burgess will explain what’s happening at council level, what we have done and what more we can do.
  3. We will then break into three groups to discuss:
  • the Green vision for welfare provision
  • Making common cause with people affected by welfare issues generally in the longer term
  • Making common cause with people affected by bedroom tax specifically in the short term

As always, the meeting will be held in the Quaker Meeting House, which is on Victoria Terrace (above Victoria Street), from 7.30-9.30pm. And please do join us afterwards in the Castle Arms for a less formal chat!