Next Branch Meeting Thursday 24th July

Our next branch meeting will take place on Thursday 24th July.

With the Scottish Green Party Conference taking place in Edinburgh this year, we’re going to be looking at the decisions that are taken there. How does the Party make policy? What policies and issues will we see this year?

If you have a particular idea for a policy but don’t know how to word it or submit it, we’ll be happy to pair you with someone who can help you through the process.

Also this month, we’ll be looking at what Green Yes and the Yes campaign will be getting up to in the last two months of the referendum campaign, and how you can get involved.

As with all of our branch meetings, we meet from 7.30 to 9.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House on Victoria Terrace, which runs above Victoria Street. You’re also welcome to join us afterwards in the Castle Arms, also on Victoria Terrace, for some less formal chat.

New Members: If you’re new to Edinburgh Greens or have never attended a branch meeting before, then please do come along early from 7pm where you can meet and chat with some of our committee members, put faces to names and get a chance to ask any questions you might have about the branch and party.